A team of professionals providing
services for gamers for World of Warcraft
A team of professionals providing
services for gamers for World of Warcraft
World of Boosting is a great opportunity to quickly and effectively level up your World of Warcraft character.

The team of the company has been performing difficult tasks and raids for clients for several years, and also getting the right loot. Now, after the website redesign, these services can be ordered even easier.
Create a website for World of Warcraft players, where remaining in the atmosphere of the game, they would be able to easily order services for leveling-up their characters and completing quests.
To develop a thematic site with extremely simple navigation, where one can find and order the necessary service in a few clicks.

And also to make a unique design that will distinguish it from the main competitors.
The site interface has become as functional as possible. To achieve a smoother and faster interaction, our UI specialists introduced a convenient sidebar in the menu.

Each page has an outright WOW-style design. We have made every effort to make each image fitting into the unique style of the website.
Fixed image and scrolling make a pageview easy and convenient.

Detailed information and stylized notes are placed coherently into the description block.
As a rule, buying a service on thematic sites can be difficult because of many required fields, but we managed to create an easy and simple interface facilitating ordering.
It is commonly known that the vast majority of people are visual learners. That is why we have selected the most informative images for each of the services provided.

High-quality content simplifies the perception of information for the site visitors and makes it more convenient to view.
The site should work equally fast and smoothly on all platforms and devices.

We considered the need of mobile users – the scale of the site automatically adapts to different formats of gadgets, so one will not encounter the situation when some interface elements simply do not fit into the screen.
Colorful, dynamic and WoW-style designed website, which is very easy for navigation by the visitor and ordering the necessary services.
Project Manager: Konstantin Podoprigora
Art Director: Rustam Musaev
UI/UX designer: Rustam Musaev
Front-end: Dmitriy Naruzhniy
Back-end: Vyacheslav Pastushenko
QA specialist: Stanislav Chupin
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